Saturday, July 31, 2010

July 31

Today the girls and I went to a birthday party of a little girl that we only see at birthday parties. This seems mean, but I don't particuarly enjoy being around children who have nasty mouths, are rude, are disrespectful and are violent. I get annoyed with the parents that won't discipline them and it ends up with me having a migraine and someone being offended.
Against my better judgement, we went to the party. 5 hours later after my migraine has subsided, I'm starting to feel a bit better. It was actually Nia that brought me out of my funk. Sometimes it seems as though my days are filled with phrases like these "You are so mean" "That's not fair" "I don't like this". Basically full of negative comments about my parenting by those being parented. But after going to this birthday party, Nia crawled up in my lap and started talking to me. This is the conversation:
"Mommy, I love how we live and where we live"
"Me too baby. This neighborhood is awesome and I love most of the neighbours as well"
"No I mean my room, the house and what we do during our life"
"In what way?"
"Well today when I was at (so and so's house) I looked around and I saw a lot of video games, TVs and junk food. But I didn't see anything with love in it."
"How do you see love?"
"Well when I draw you a picture, I love you and want to work hard on it because I love you. You always say to me that you love my pictures. So when you look at them, you see love. The same as my room and CC's room. I know you love us and worked hard to give us a nice house and room and toys and books, so when I see that stuff I see love."
"Wow, pretty insightful, kid"
"I feel bad for (so and so)."
"What makes you feel bad for them"
"Well they don't have the same start as I do."
"What kind of start do you have?"
"Well you and daddy make sure we have lots of books, lots of colouring things and craft things. We always have healthy food, even though I want junky snacks you make us eat healthy things. And I always have a clean bed. (So and so's) bed was gross. So was his bathroom."
"You sound like you are very grateful for what you have."
"I am mommy, thanks for giving me and CC a good start"
For a six year old child, she is wise beyond her years.

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  1. I love the soul that shines through little Nia. She really is a kindred spirit. Take care,