Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5

I love the heat. It brings back wonderful memories of my childhood in NC. Being outside in the heat, playing, swimming and then running inside for magical mom, dad or granny to have food and drinks ready. How much I took that for granted! Looking back how nice it was as a child to have all your needs met, yet I remember bucking A LOT (imagine that) at being told what my needs were.

I find life runs smoother in the summer. Kids are happier (minus a few overtired temper tantrums). They eat well, sleep well and listen well. Lately the only thing we have done is go outside and swim. Reapplying sunscreen every so often and refuel as well. The day flies by. At night, I watched them shovel food in their mouth and looked into their red tired eyes as I read them their book. I kissed them goodnight and off to sleep Nia went, NO problems. Cyenna is a young girl with a bit more exuberance at night, so I opted for a night time drive. Out before we passed Nia's school (1 mile away).

These are the times that I realize how much I miss Nia when she's at school. I sometimes find myself just staring at my little Indigo child. She has such a confident creative personality. And she is beautiful! We did lemon juice in the hair the other day (to help lighten her hair naturally).

I want to put a freeze on Cyenna's time with me as well. She has so much empathy and sincerity. And she is beautiful as well.

God surely blessed me with my children. I am going to finish here so I can go look at them while they sleep :)

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