Friday, July 16, 2010


Many of you know and love our dog Scooby. He has been the pampered prince of the house. Most that meet him, love him. Scooby is not your typical Chihuaha. He barks only at the doorbell and when he forgot that someone was at the house. He LOVES babies and most kids. Scooby likes to try to convert non-dog lovers by plopping onto their laps and looking lovingly at them. It usually works :)

Today was a day in blur. Around 1:30pm, some dear friends of ours came over. I was going to take their 3 kids and my 2 kids to a petting zoo (FUN!!!). But as fate had it, we never made it to the petting zoo. Scooby ran to the door as usual, I saw from my position in the kitchen who was at the door, so Nia opened the door. Scooby ran out before I could blink to the house across the street. A car was coming same time. Nobody saw the impact. Just heard the thud and Scooby's screams. I ran screaming into the street, neighbours came pouring into the street screaming and Nia by my side crying on her knees. I reached for him, he bit a chunk of my finger off (totally normal for a dog in shock). I started talking softly for him and ordered people around. Call Mark, Get me a blanket and a towel. Mark was on the phone, "Mark come home now, Scooby's been hit by a car" Then I hung up... Not a great communication on my part. Nia brought me towels quicker than I've ever seen her move. The poor girl who hit him was crying hysterically as well. She is a young girl 3 houses down from me. "I'm so sorry I never saw him. I always see you out with him playing. I'm so sorry". I wrapped up Scooby and kept talking. I hugged the young girl and told her it wasn't her fault. My dear friend drove me to the vet "Any vet, as long as it's close and open" as per my instructions. His wife stayed with the kids. Nia was quite the mess. The whole car ride, he cried and screamed. I rubbed him on his nose, talked to him and promised him a great big steak when he got home. I told him what an amazing creature he is and how much of a difference he has made in our lifes.
I got out of the truck, ran inside and told them Scooby had been hit by a car. The receptionist took him from me and straight back to the OR they went. I was shaking and tears were coming at this point. I held it pretty much together until Mark got there, then I just lost it on him. He held me while I cried. They brought us back to see him and true to form, he tried to get up to see me. With the little strength he had, he still gave back to me. He licked me (this time I let him lick my face). I sat with him and rubbed his face, talking softly to him. His heart rate went back up and he was stable. The Vet took him back for more Xrays, then he became agitated and the Vet asked me to come back. I came back and he settled down. It was like he was searching for me and needed me to comfort him.
Right now he is in the ICU at the Vet Emergency Clinic. He has NO broken bones. I was amazed at that. Scooby has a tread mark on his back. Yet has not one broken bone. But the extent of his injuries are serious and he is not out of the woods.
The house is very empty without him. I sat and looked at his bed for a while tonight feeling extra guilty for not giving him an extra treat here and there. Or for pushing him off me when I'm not feeling like being loved. If I could take those moments back, I would hold him on my lap until he was done. No more fighting over who fed Scooby last, Nia has sworn to making sure his bowl always is full.
Many tears and many prayers in this house tonight. I feel blessed to have so many wonderful friends, family and neighbours. I will keep everyone informed as to his progress.


  1. Oh my gosh I am so sad and sorry you poor pup is hurt , reading this makes me cry , I have two dogs and I can not imagine how awful this is , I hope he is ok , my thoughts are with you

  2. We love you Scoobs and your family too! We'll be praying for you. Pull through little guy!
    Stacey & Neil & Emmerson