Sunday, July 4, 2010

First Blog

So this will mark my official first post on my Blog. I was a bit hesitant about blogging because, well honestly EVERYONE has a blog and why would anyone want to read mine when so many other cooler people have one. Then I figured oh what the heck...

So if you're reading this Blog, chances are you already know me and know my story... Or what I have shared with you ;-) As someone has described me before, I'm a bit of an onion, many many layers to me. I am not 'open' but willing to share, hesitant due to past experiences but willing to try new ones. I guess for some, more about me will be shared as the time is right and the mood strikes me.

In the midst of starting this blog, I am hearing my 2 daughters bathing, singing songs and I laugh as I hear some of the silly things they sing about. Right now it's mostly body parts and potty humour. Who would've thought there was so many songs about farting, pooping, peeing, and penis'?
Today is July 4th and as an American in Canada it's a big dud. Celebrations are on Canada Day, July 1st. So it's like celebrating a few days early. It was a beautiful hot summer day. We did a lot of swimming in our pool. Had a great time until Mark and I were playing in the pool and I took a pool skimmer to the head (by total accident I can assure you). Swelling has subsided and now it's just turning purple. Nice...
We have been ubundently blessed in our lives. Our neighbour (one of our blessings) had us over for a BBQ dinner, Greek style OPA!!! :) Dinner and company was amazing. Laughter never stopped. I can still chuckle to myself about things said and done.
Now that I have opened and closed this tab numerous times; Nia is asleep in her bed, Cyenna is dozing here in the office chair, Mark is snoring from the bedroom and cats are on the prowl for night duty. I was doing my 'work'. I do Mark's billings, but became distracted with Blogging.
At least I can scratch this off my Bucket List :) First Blog done and Posted!

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  1. Congratulations on your first blog. Hopefully there will be many more. I love the end of blog with where you describe where everyone is sleeping. Good job.

    Take Care,