Wednesday, July 7, 2010

July 7

Today I sat on the floor at the Mall and held the hand of a lost 3 year old boy named Tyler. I told him my named was Nikki and I had 2 little girls at home. He had big green eyes and tears on his cheeks. Tyler liked trains and dogs. I told him about my Chihuahua named Scooby. He calmed down after a few minutes and told him he was so brave and that Mommy was going to come back really soon. She was wearing a green shirt and shorts with pockets and he knew they had pockets because he put his race car in her bum pocket. In the next 10 minutes Tyler's mom came sauntering down the halls with a smug grin on her face. "Thanks" she called out as she snatched him up and off they went.

Twenty minutes later and 2 sunglasses purchased later, hubby and I are sitting in the food court, me with my dynomite sushi and him with his Manchu Wok plate; a mother is forcing, I mean forcing her baby into a stroller. Baby who was a mere 8-9 months old was screaming, like a newborn screaming. The mother sat back down and finished eating while this child screamed. She occasionally would turn around and push him down into the stroller. I felt sick watching this. One lady got up to go over and speak to the baby to try and calm him down. The mom told her "Oh he does this all the time".

Hubby and I were on a day date, so I promptly picked up the phone and called home to make sure my girls were ok. I don't know why these situations got to me so badly. I thought about these kids all through my 1.5 massage...

We came home and as Cyenna slept, I asked Nia if she wanted to do stuff she had never done before. So she ate cereal in the rain, helped me pick weeds in the rain and went swimming in the rain. It was exhilarating.

I am ending this as my girls are calling "Mommy come find us!" Time for me to find them!


  1. For some I guess mothering is more of a task to cross off the list then a loving presence in a child's life....and we can see the effects when we grow up and meet some who just seem like they are MISSING something....UGH!

    Yesterday I saw a woman pushing her bawling one month old around the food court. The louder the kid screamed the more she ignored it. I felt sick, I almost elbowed the mom and picked thekid up!

  2. Now that I am a mother I can not understand how someone can sit and listen to their child scream. Yes, Olivia will cry for less than a minute just before she falls asleep, and I have to wait it out. However as a good mother I know this and I am with her while this minute of crying goes on. Usually holding her.

    I know you are referring to the mom's that don't tend to their child and I completely agree with you. It kills me to hear Olivia cry, and pains me to hear another child cry because of neglect. I just want to shake the parent and ask them if they think they are doing a good thing for their child!