Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mobile Mortgage Specialist

I used to hate HATE getting flyers on my doorstep. Hubby and I would immediately throw them out into recycling. I have a story that made us change the way we felt about flyers.
We had just put an offer on a house and we were currently waiting back to hear from the bank about our pre-approval. Of course we were having major issues with them returning our calls and I basically was ready to wash my hands and go to a different bank to do ALL my banking. Hubby and I were outside, with Cyenna, enjoying an autumn day, when out of nowhere came this guy jogging putting flyers on doorsteps. He gives hubby a flyer and I figured hubby would throw it out. But no, he looks at it and it's about mortgages. So we decide to give this guy a try, heck he lives in our neighborhood, so why not.
Wayne was able to work around our hours and those of our kids. He even came to our house to sit and discuss with us our financial situation and about mortgages. As previously posted, we were serious property virgins and we knew nothing of mortgages, only that you wanted to pay them off! Wayne came prepared to discuss various options with us about financing, rates and even a non-traditional mortgage. Through the entire conversation, he felt genuine, as though he wanted us to have the best, not like we were just a number.
Through the home buying process, we had various little issues, but at the time seemed like huge issues (to me) and Wayne was able to calm us down and explain things to us. For instance, my home branch is about 45 minutes away from here and when the time came to get the down payment money out, the branch closest to us wouldn't initially release the monies because they didn't have my signature on file and couldn't get in touch with the home branch. I was devastated! I immediately texted Wayne and he called me back in less than 2 minutes. He got the details and then called the branch closest to us and spoke to the manager. He called me back and said "Go back to the Branch and ask for the Manager, she will help you". True to his word, the manager was more than willing to help me and released the monies to me.
When we closed on our house, Wayne stopped by the house and gave us a card, our first Congratulations on Your New House card. It sat on our fire place for many a day as it was a reminder to us that we were more than just a number.
If you are looking for a great rate, give Wayne Marks a call, he is always available to help you, even if you already have a mortgage, he can make sure you are getting the best rate. Tell him I sent you :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Little Luxuries for Mama and baby

Now my favorite thing; baby and kid stuff!!! My ultimate favorite website I am infatuated with DouDouBebe.
The website is super user friendly. When I go to the site, it remembers my name (that an unspoken testament to how many times I have shopped on the site), shipping and billing information. Making my life easier (and hubbys that much harder Lol). The right hand side has itemized listings of all the fun goodies this site has to offer.
As an attachment parent, baby wearing was a priority in our house. With hubby and I large frames, his more than mine (thank God), we have always prefered cloth adjustable carriers ie ring slings, wraps and mei tei's. DouDouBeBe has a wide selection in cool colours and types of cloth carriers. My favorite has always been the ring sling, versatility like nothing else. I love the funky colours and designs. Just because I'm a stay at home mom doesn't mean I should give up on style! I have enjoyed the water sling and silk slings I bought on the site as well.
As I said before, I LOVE colour! So having my babies in various colours is fun to me, that is until they decide they will only wear one dress for months on a time (true story). Leg warmers that the site carries are perfect! Colourful and practical, they help baby not scrape knees as they crawl. Also great when baby/toddler is being carried, when the pant leg rides up, leg warmers are great way to keep that little baby calf warm. But also I loved it when my girls wore nothing but their diaper and leg warmers. Ahhh brings back baby memories :)
But that's NOT where the site ends! Amber necklaces, nursing necklaces, artwork, toys (wooden and silk toys). I have been so in love with this site and service, that I think my hubby has tried to block the site on our computer :)
If you are looking for the perfect shower gift, new mom or even better, yourself this it the site to find. is run out of Mississauga by a super duper cool mom. Do yourself a favor and check it out! You will love it!

Real Estate

As mentioned on my facebook page, I decided to start blogging about local business.

For my first business, I wanted to tell you about the Real Estate Agent we used to purchase our first home! We were "Property Virgins" in every since of the term. I found our agent, Jas Jagpal ( through a soccer club he developed here in our Morningside Heights development. I was coaching and he was the coordinator. Jas and his wife, Jaspreet, put lots of hours and money into the league. I can't remember the exact number, but I think there was about 70 or 80 kids for the first season. I began to realize he worked very hard, so hubby and I decided to take advantage of his real estate skills.

Every day we are grateful for using Jas' services. He worked hard to find us exactly what we wanted in a house within our budget and within our neighbourhood choice. I am a Type A Virgo, many of you might or might not know that about me (lol), but I like details and want a plan. Jas patiently reminded me about the plan, when certain things when take place and what to bring. Basically he prepared us for everything! We were not scared at all through the process because Jas was able to hold our hand the whole way, pointing us through the loops.

Recently my nomadic sister was looking into purchasing a property on the West Coast. She was curious about why she should use an agent. I gave her my experience and then copied and pasted info from Jas' website. He was even able to hook her up with someone on the West Coast through his agency. She has been very happy with the help that Jas provided.

Jas and his family have become friends of ours that we cherish. To me, its says a whole lot that we were business associates and THEN became friends. Usually you are friends, then business associates and hopefully still friends (lol).

I highly recommend Jas and the services he offers. We will use him again in the future when it's time to upgrade (to more garage space lol).

Again, his website is