Monday, March 14, 2011


Today I did something most moms will shake their head at and say I'm stupid (happens a lot). We had a 'Yes Day' in our house. I couldn't say No. Now before I go on, let me say I did establish boundaries ie we can't go to Toys R Us and buy all the toys, it had to be safe, not damage existing structures and healthy.

So for breakfast, CC and Nia wanted cereal. No biggie, but this time CC wanted bananas chopped up in her cereal and Nia wanted to eat on the floor. Then they were excited because we went to a friend's house for lunch, who has children they adore and food they inhale (healthy food too).

CC wanted a nap (no problem there!) and Nia wanted to read in her room. Then Nia used a good portion of the afternoon on the computer. We went for a walk, splashed in puddles, walked backwards, walked sideways, rode scooters and played at the park (did I mention snow is still on the ground?) Scooby was not thrilled with our outdoor adventure, he is a warm weathered soul. But girls loved it.

Came home, had hot chocolate with marshmellows, or marshmellows with a bit of warm milk... Watched Strawberry Shortcake and ate Jamaican food... Nice warm bath, extra time for the shower and favorite PJs. Only 5 extra books at bedtime and the girls are sleeping soundly.

Yes day was a success this time. I learned my girls have more respect for me than I realized and I trust their instincts much more now than yesterday.

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